Top 5 Reasons to Hire Reception Staff in Qatar

In the 21st century, the exchange of information at entry points of business is a key factor that all businesses must consider. Regardless of the industry and sector, your business operates in, there will always be a bulk of information exchange involved. Hence, it is beneficial to have a gatekeeper who can manage this process of information exchange between your company and clients. In this sense, a gatekeeper is not a literal gatekeeper but a team role involved in collecting and disseminating information. 


To do this, all you have to do is hire a receptionist for your business. Here are some of the top 5 reasons to hire a receptionist as a gatekeeper for your hospitality service or any other business for that matter.

  • Make a Good First Impression

A receptionist is a qualified professional who is well-groomed and serves as the face of your organization. Especially for a hospitality service in Qatar, it is necessary to have a receptionist that can personify your brand messaging. He/she acts on the basis of your company’s core values. Thereby leaving a lasting impression on your customers. This also helps encourage satisfied customers/guests to return to your establishment more often.

  • Promote Resourcefulness

A talented receptionist can often be quite resourceful. Such a professional is highly capable of multitasking. They can receive phone calls, resolve guest complaints, make reservations, generate travel itineraries for guests, and so much more. One unique benefit of hiring a receptionist is that they are go-getters and will not stop until the job is completed. If you wish for your hospitality service to be truly resourceful, then you should consider hiring a receptionist. 

  • Encourage Versatility

Most experienced receptionists are highly versatile. They are capable of adapting to a variety of situations and performing to the best of their abilities. Moreover, the receptionist knows everyone in the office. As a result, they are efficient office administrators that facilitate communication between departments. In some cases, a receptionist can also help resolve disputes between departments in your office. This only goes to show the versatile nature of the job, confirming your need for such personnel at your workplace.

  • Get Organized Easily

One of the most defining traits of a receptionist is their organizational skills. An office receptionist is not only responsible for greeting and orienting visitors and clients but also for managing the schedules of high-ranking employees. Moreover, you can use a receptionist to schedule team meetings. Apart from these, if you hire a receptionist at your office, you will notice a significant improvement in daily productivity solely due to their advanced organizational skills.

  • Improve Organizational Communication

As mentioned earlier, a receptionist can often facilitate or even mediate communication between different departments. As gatekeepers, receptionists know everyone in the office and take special care to send the right information to the right place, at the right time. This means there are fewer chances of interdepartmental miscommunication when you have an efficient receptionist. In fact, a receptionist often plays a pivotal role when new recruits are inducted into the organization.


Final Thoughts

While receptionists can be a valuable asset to your business, they are often difficult to find talented ones. Qatar Engineering House has a vast professional network of receptionists that you can tap into. Moreover, these candidates are specially trained for specific industries. Hence, you will have to choose the candidate who is best aligned with the industry your company operates in. Hence, when hiring a receptionist, Qatar Engineering House can be a viable option.


Waste Disposal and Recycling – A Waste Management Guide

Waste Management
Waste Management in Qatar

Considering the creeping effects of global warming, it has now become the number one priority of companies to consider their efforts towards people, the planet, and profit. To do so, one of the most basic requirements is for companies to manage their waste production. In the realm of waste management, waste disposal and recycling take the front row.


Waste Management in Qatar

When it comes to waste management, the Government of Qatar has planned stern steps towards it. Given the current FIFA World Cup 2022 being hosted in Qatar, the country is set to witness one of its largest tourist footfalls yet. With tourists, there also comes increased production of waste. As of now, Qatar produces about 2.5 million tons of waste annually, which equals about 2.5 kg of waste per person per year. If this is not mitigated, then it can cause serious environmental concerns in Qatar.


Commercial Waste Disposal

In light of these circumstances, companies in Qatar have taken up the initiative of responsible waste disposal at their premises. Several companies are now deploying dumpster rental services, waste collection, waste transportation, waste processing, and waste disposal services in Qatar. If you wish for your business in Qatar to participate in this sustainability endeavour, you too should responsibly dispose of all commercial waste.


Disposing Waste Responsibly in Qatar

Qatar has three types of waste disposal landfills. These are – 

  • Bulky and Domestic Waste

The most efficient bulky and domestic waste disposal site in Qatar is the Umm Al-Afai. These are organic wastes generated either from households or food and beverage establishments in Qatar. They are easily biodegradable and do not cause much land pollution. Moreover, such bulky domestic waste usually does not need to be processed. Often simple composting can reduce such waste into an easily biodegradable format.

  • Construction and Demolition Waste

Rawda Rashed is the most appropriate disposal site for this type of waste. This type of waste is less biodegradable and sometimes needs to be processed in order to avoid excessive land pollution. One of the best ways to dispose of such debris and rubble is recycling. Most of this waste can be repurposed into concrete. Moreover, metallic waste from construction sites can also be melted and recycled into new products. Hence, there is a need for the segregation of this type of waste before dumping it at a landfill.

  • Sewage Waste

The best site for sewage waste disposal is Al-Krana in Qatar. Moreover, the collection and waste removal of sewage usually leave a large carbon footprint. Despite effective waste management, the only way to dispose of sewage waste is through treatment and processing. Since it takes up significant energy to do so, it is best if recycling is done and clean water is extracted from this sewage for use in commercial water pipelines. 


Waste Management – Recycling in Qatar

Besides waste removal and waste management, businesses in Qatar should also consider recycling as a viable option. This is because of the numerous business case benefits of recycling.


  • It saves money.
  • It helps the community.
  • It can be a source of revenue.
  • It protects the environment.
  • It increases employee and customer satisfaction.


Important Takeaway

Given all these options for waste removal, waste management, and recycling in Qatar, your business can truly be a sustainable one. To do this, you can hire professional waste management firms like Qatar Engineering House who will take care of your waste management problems for you. This means you can rest easy knowing that both your business and the environment are safe.

sewage water cleaning

5 Signs you might need sewage water cleaning service

sewage water cleaning
5 Signs you might need sewage water cleaning service

Be it a residential or a commercial property, daily cleaning and maintenance services are a must. Among the several aspects of regular maintenance, drainage and sewage water cleaning are two of the most important things to look into. Without proper sewage water cleaning, your residential or commercial property can become a breeding ground for diseases, leading to an unhygienic environment. To avoid this, many sewage water cleaning services in Qatar can be of assistance to you. But how do you identify when to hire such a service? Here are 5 signs that you might need sewage water cleaning service in Qatar.

  • Slow Drainage of Water

This is one of the very first signs that you need drainage cleaning. When you notice that water does not drain out at a steady rate, it is a clear indication that there is a clog forming in the drainage pipeline. This usually happens when there is no regular schedule for sewer and drain cleaning. Hence, slow drainage of water is the first sign that you need a drainage block removal service in Qatar.

  • Water Backing Up

While water may drain slowly, it may also back up through your drain. This can happen either in your sink or in your toilet bowl. In severe cases, your toilet may also overflow. However, this may just be the beginning of your worries. A clogged drainage system can also lead to bad odours, expose you and your family to harmful bacteria, and even cause expensive water damage to your bathroom or other areas of your home. 

 Sewage water cleaning service in Doha, Qatar

  • Unusual Gurgling Noises in sewage water

While strange gurgling noises from your bathroom may be nothing to be frightened of, they can indeed be a cause of concern. When a clog begins to form in your drainage due to pent-up sewerage, it creates air bubbles. This happens when water is forced past this clog, and it is the air bubble that creates this gurgling noise. If this is the case, then you are in urgent need of a sewer and drain cleaning. 

  • Increased Bug Sightings 

Pests like bugs are often drawn to built-up sewerage. Since this built-up sewerage in your pipes is usually rotting food and other organic material, it usually draws houseflies and cockroaches. If you notice a lot of houseflies and cockroaches in your bathrooms as well as inside the toilet bowl, there is a high chance your drainage pipes are clogged with rotting organic material. This calls for professional help. 

  • Need for Excessive Drain Cleaner

Drain cleaner liquids usually do not need to be used too much or too often. They are potent enough to do the trick with just a tiny amount. If you notice you are burning through your supply of liquid drain cleaner, then it is a clear indication that you have a clog building up and need sewage water cleaning services. Moreover, in such a case, you should avoid pouring in too much liquid drain cleaner. This could damage the inner lining of your drainage pipes due to acidic or basic corrosion depending on the brand of cleaner you are using.


Final Thoughts

If you are experiencing any or all of these signs and symptoms, it is high time you book the services of professional sewer water cleaning services in Qatar. Qatar Engineering House offers one of the most reliable and comprehensive drainage block removal services in Qatar. With the help of such a team of experts, you can rest assured that the drainage block or clog will be successfully removed.



Plumb times

Waste Management

Hazardous Waste Disposal: Serious Impacts on Health

Hazardous Waste Disposal: Serious Impacts on Health
Hazardous Waste Disposal: Serious Impacts on Health


A standard everyday practice in all households across the globe is the disposal and management of waste. It keeps homes clean and safe from infections or health hazards of any kind. Waste management thus becomes an indispensable part of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. The practice of waste disposal is not only limited to individual housing units but also commercial spaces. In the case of commercial establishments like restaurants, it becomes very crucial to pay attention to waste management activities. If neglected, it could lead to serious impacts on human health. 

What is Waste Disposal?

Waste Disposal refers to the proper collection, segregation, transportation, and processing of waste materials daily. It is a complex system involving all the above-mentioned processes. Waste materials may be in solid, liquid, or gaseous state and they are dealt with differently. Waste Disposal is a very crucial process as it plays a vital role in directing lifestyle, and health patterns, and also poses occupational and health issues to persons who treat these wastes. 

What is Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous wastes include toxic chemicals or used medical equipment that is thrown away negligently. These are harmful to public health and must be treated very cautiously. The rapidly growing industrial sector has contributed significantly to the generation of hazardous wastes in increasing quantities. Hazardous wastes may be radioactive substances, chemicals, bio-medical wastes, flammable wastes or explosives. The accumulation of hazardous wastes is capable of disrupting ecosystems and thus, affecting the health of people.

Dangers of Hazardous Waste Disposal

Traditionally, hazardous wastes were dumped in open spaces and landfills far away from residential areas or incinerated. Both these processes trigger other environmental risks such as soil, water and air pollution, capable of disrupting an entire ecosystem. Other sophisticated methods of dealing with hazardous wastes have developed over time such as landfarming, flotation, filtration, etc.  

  • Immediate Health Issues: As stated earlier, hazardous wastes can potentially expose individuals treating them to serious health conditions. Immediate effects of exposure to hazardous wastes may lead to a burning sensation in the eye, skin irritability, headache, dizziness or nausea. 
  • Prolonged Health Issues: If not dealt with carefully, it may lead to chronic health conditions such as cancer and may also result in physiological malfunctions such as organ failures and reproductive impairments. In some cases, it may also lead to birth defects in offspring. 
  • Chances of Fatality: Depending on the degree of exposure, it may also lead to death. Owing to the health effects of hazardous wastes, it is very important for workers dealing with hazardous wastes to be cautious, wear the right safety gear, identify wastes correctly and be sure of the emergency procedures to be employed. 

Importance of Hazardous Waste Disposal

The main objective of hazardous waste disposal remains to find a suitable arrangement for waste disposal which ensures the safety of human health from any disease or ailment. It has become increasingly important to discover eco-friendly ways to manage and dispose of such wastes to minimize health and occupational risks. However, the toxins cannot be destroyed without any environmental effects. 

The Takeaway

A great way to keep a check on these hazardous wastes would be to use the effectiveness of modern technology and focus on the principle of the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Qatar Engineering House uses these 3 principles. With decades of expertise in handling hazardous waste, Qatar Engineering House is your best option when it comes to the safety of your employees. Moreover, our highly effective and proven methods can ensure that your workplace remains free of hazardous waste. 

Waste Management

Waste Management In Qatar

Today, waste management has become a pressing issue the world over. The indiscriminate disposal of waste and the improper management of collected waste has become a hazardous environmental threat. Qatar, one of the most developed countries in the world is also home to a population of more than 2,989,640. It is also one of the highest per capita waste generators in the world, with a whopping figure of 1.8kg of waste per day.  

The increase in waste produced in Qatar is a direct result of the increase in population and related construction activities. The FIFA World CUP 2022 scheduled to be held in November 2022 has added to the waste generation woes in the state. A research paper published in Research gate in 2015 stated that construction waste amounts to around 20 million tonnes per annum. This occupies around 75% of the total solid waste generated in Qatar.

Government Takes Measures for Waste Management

Owing to the large amounts of generated waste and its toxic effect on the environment and people, the Ministry of Environment has taken immediate and stringent steps to counter the hazardous effect of waste disposal. While educating the public on proper waste disposal, steps are being taken to recycle and reuse solid waste and promote and green waste collection.

The onus of waste management in the state lies with the Municipality. The Municipality, along with the joint efforts of private sector collection of domestic waste by waste management companies in Qatar are striving to manage the sanitation and Domestic Waste Collection in the state. QEH top in list of waste management service company in Qatar, pioneer in Garbage/Waste collection & management in Qatar, has been executing the Waste Management process with ease. With state of the art equipment and vehicles, Qatar Engineering House has been at the forefront of waste collection and sanitation in Qatar.

How is Waste Managed?

Waste collected by waste management companies in Qatar is transported to landfills through predefined methods. The landfills are demarcated according to the type of waste and are located at points outside the city area limits. These Qatar waste management companies are equipped with modern solid waste management tools that ensure clean and clear pickup and transportation of domestic and commercial waste. 

Private waste management companies in Qatar like Qatar Engineering House have contributed to the efforts of the State to combat the hazardous consequences of improper waste collection, with safe transportation and effective disposal. 


Qatar is well on the way to an economically viable and sustainable solution for waste management in the state. The National Development Strategy 2011-2016 of Qatar laid emphasis on waste reduction and recycling among other sustainable development plans for the state. 

The National Development Strategy 2017-2022 emphasized the need to constrain domestic waste generation to under 1.6 kg per capita/ per day. It was also proposed to recycle 15% of the solid waste generated by the end of 2022.

Ducts & Hoods

How To Effectively Clean Kitchen Ducts & Hoods

Whether you have a domestic or commercial kitchen, exhaust ducts and chimney hoods require regular cleaning. Failure to clean the duct and hood for prolonged periods can lead to bad smells and greasy stains, increasing the risk of accidental fires. To avoid these kitchen mishaps, it is always advisable to conduct timely cleaning and maintenance of kitchen ducts and hoods. The question that may arise is how to effectively clean kitchen ducts and hoods.

We have listed tips that can help you maintain kitchen ducts and hoods and ensure the safe and optimum use of kitchen appliances.

Know your appliances

Although the basic working model of all kitchen ducts and hoods is more or less the same, it is advisable to study the brand of your kitchen appliances. There may be slight differences in the models which could be crucial while cleaning. User manuals or internet information regarding the kitchen ducts and hoods will work just as fine.

Gather the materials required

Before setting out to clean your kitchen duct and hood. Gather all the material required – you may need a screwdriver, soapy water, sponges, hand gloves and other items.

Cleaning the filter

One of the main parts that easily gets clogged is the filter. Cleaning the filter is the first step in getting your duct and hood serviced. To clean the filter, you must separate it from the main appliance and run it through soapy water. Remember to completely dry the filter before screwing it back on. Note that not all filters and models may be safely cleaned with soapy water, so check your particular brand’s instructions carefully. 

Wipe clean the hood of the appliance

Grease usually collects in the hood of the cooking range. Tough grease can be easily removed through steady wiping and water. 

Duct cleaning

The duct is the portion which connects your appliance to the exterior or outdoors. Cleaning the duct can be a little tricky as you have to dismantle the duct before you will be able to clean it. It is advisable to call professional duct and hood cleaning services in Qatar like Qatar Engineering House for the servicing and cleaning of kitchen ducts and hoods. With advanced tools and equipment, Qatar Engineering House can do the job quickly and easily. 

Alternative cleaning – Pressure Washing the duct and hood

Another professional and effective method of cleaning kitchen ducts and hoods is through the use of pressurized water. This can remove tough stains like grease and grime from the deepest corners of your appliances. If you intend to pressure clean your kitchen duct and hood, it is advisable to hire professional duct and hood cleaning services in Qatar. Qatar Engineering House, regarded as one of the best duct and hood cleaning services in Qatar, is known for its quality services. Apart from duct and hood cleaning services, we also provide a comprehensive maintenance package which ensures optimum output from appliances on a schedule. 


Regular cleaning and maintenance of kitchen ducts and hoods is vital. Not only does it ensure the safety of the appliance and people using the appliance but also ensures that customers benefit the maximum from the serviced and maintained kitchen appliance.


DECC Hospitality Exhibition Oct 2016

Qatar Hospitality Expo 2016 is an essential exhibition for the booming hospitality, hotel, restaurant and cafeteria sectors in Qatar. The countdown to the event began this year; the remaining days are less than 100 days after the opening event. The exhibition will run from 18 to 20 October at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center under the patronage of HE Sheikh Ahmed bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani, Minister of Economy and Trade. The event, which has been licensed by the Qatar Tourism Authority, will be one of the most important hospitality events in the region as it covers all areas of the hotel business and franchise market in the Gulf region. The exhibition is designed to be a platform for meeting with hospitality professionals in the region. In addition, franchise brands, hotel groups, bankers and consultants will be allowed to meet and build new business opportunities with hotel and franchise investors.