Duct and Hood Cleaning and Maintenance

Hotels and restaurants are often faced with blocked and greased ducts and chimneys. This could lead to fires and other mishaps. To avoid the problems of uncleaned ducts and hoods, Qatar Engineering House has the expertise to ensure clean and transformed ducts. We offer maintenance of chimneys, ducts, chimneys and grills. Our highly skilled technicians can transform greased and blocked chimneys and grills into new models with greater efficiency.

Benefits of duct, hood and grill cleaning by Qatar Engineering House:

  • High-quality cleaning per the requirements of the Civil Defense and Municipalities, with an approved quality certificate
  • Chimney and grill validation certificates approved by official authorities of the state
  • Regular scheduled maintenance and cleaning
  • Comprehensive cleaning report with verification of pictures before and after
  • Quality and effectiveness of chimneys and grills checked by maintenance engineer
  • Recommended provided for the next cleaning by technicians