Fixing all Sewage Pipes of Processed Water for Irrigation ( TSE )

In this context, we note that Qatar Engineering House has approved the appointment of the Public Works Authority as a contractor for maintenance and emergency works from 2013.

Our company has specialized in urgent and emergency work. This is due to its duly appreciation of access to this type of repair and its quality. Therefore, we review with you some of the company’s achievements for these types of projects.

Scope of work


  • The necessary approvals for the emergency works shall be taken from the Public Works, Traffic road opening and Municipalities Authority to start the implementation of the projects.
  • The damaged parts of the lines shall be replaced and repaired HDPE ,GRP
  • Manholes shall be made chamberaccording to the specifications of the Public Works Authority Valves.
  • Damaged valves shall be replaced with new ones.
  • Thermal insulation works shall be accomplished.
  • Return the site as it was before the start of work.