Insects & Rodent Control

Qatar Engineering House w.l.l provides excellent services for customers in the industry of pesticides against ants, bedbugs, cockroach and rodents by using best chemical materials for this industry and using the latest tools which can reach to the narrowest places using environmental friendly odorless pesticides that by hands of the most skillful experts in such industry .


  • Spraying insecticide.
  • There is a guarantee for some insect spraying (after application of the terms and conditions)
  • Schedule of work will be as per your requirement.
  • An advisable time for the next Spraying will be given by our technicians.
  • Ensures the provision of high quality Spraying insecticide service and will maintain adequate and proper standards of hygiene.
  • Spraying insecticide equipment’s and materials for the Spraying insecticide personnel’s effective use in performing the works.
  • Will be supplied sufficient quantity of Spraying insecticide material and Machines.
  • Will provide trained experienced cleaning staff