Maid Services

We have a team of well-trained maids, helpers and cleaners. Our years of experience in the field of cleaning services has enabled us to train our staff with the most advanced tools and equipment for cleaning. We have different teams dedicated to specialized cleaning services, thereby offering you only quality in our performance.

House cleaning services

The secret to a clean home is hiring the right services. At Qatar Engineering House, we take cleaning seriously. Equipped with the right tools to make your home spotless, we offer state of the art cleaning services for residential and commercial buildings. We offer daily, weekly, bi weekly, one time, monthly or on contract basis cleaning packages for homes and offices. 

Our house cleaning services includes dusting, mopping, vacuuming and other cleaning operations of important areas in the premises. 


Keep calm and hire a babysitter. Qatar Engineering House offers trained and coached babysitters for your toddlers and teenagers. We are aware that your child needs to be in the best of hands while you tend to other important work. Our most trusted babysitters are put on the job. We ensure that our highly experienced babysitters and nannies are rigorously trained to care for toddlers, infants and teenagers. You can be rest assured that your babies are in great care. Our nannies will have your babies in their arms for a moment but in their hearts forever.


Looking fresh, with pressed clothes can make a world of difference when it comes to looking apt and smart for the job. We offer to iron your clothes and guarantee delivery within hours.

Deep Cleaning

At your convenience, we offer deep cleaning services for your home and office. Overlooked and forgotten areas across your home will be cleaned and scrubbed to the last crevice. Keep your home sparkling clean and free from dust and germs. Hire our professional deep cleaning services to ensure a healthy home for you and your loved ones.

Window Cleaning

The world out there is crystal clear, it’s your windows that need to be cleaned. Trust our window cleaning services for the best glass window wash for your home. Dirty windows can make a bad impression. Clean and clear windows can give you a better view of the world around you. We use tried and tested glass cleaners to swipe the dirt of your windows. Our professional window cleaners are trained to reach great heights, literally.