Manhole and Sewage Cleaning Services

At Qatar Engineering House we offer manhole and sewage cleaning services through the use of advanced equipment and technology. We take great pride in the fact that The Public Works Authority, Qatar has been using our quality services for sewage and manhole cleaning since our establishment in 2007. Through our innovative methods and processes we were able to bag many other projects in the public services. We offer construction and inspection of manholes and sewage pipes and undertake repairs of sewage tanks.

Sewage and water suction

With state-of-the-art engineering and equipment, Qatar Engineering House offers sewage and suction water services for residential and commercial buildings. We manage equipment and vehicles of different sizes thereby being able to offer services for buildings with large or small sewage cleaning needs. Our highly skilled technicians are experts in the industry offering class apart services for sewage cleaning and suction sewage water. We work in accordance with the specifications, rules and regulations prescribed by the Ministry of Public Health. 

Manhole cleaning and blockage removal services 

For the proper flow of sewage and drains, manholes need to be cleaned and treated from time to time. At Qatar Engineering House, we have world class equipment and tools for the cleaning and treatment of manholes. We ensure safe cleaning methods that guarantee blockage free sewers and manholes. Our highly advanced equipment provides the safest and environmentally friendly manhole cleaning solutions in Qatar. 

Benefits of our manhole and septic tank cleaning services:

  • Schedule of work done according to each project’s requirement
  • A report containing photographic verification with "BEFORE" & "AFTER" the cleaning, blockage removal or construction will be provided (upon request)
  • An advisable time for the subsequent cleaning will be given by our technicians
  • High quality cleaning service to maintain adequate and proper standards of hygiene
  • Cleaning equipment and materials provided for effective use in performing tasks
  • Highly trained and experienced cleaning staff

Drainage block removing

Thick silt, non-degradable material and stones can cause blockage of drains and pipes. We at Qatar Engineering House, have advanced systems in place to ensure the removal of blocks from drains and pipes. We adopt the latest technology to ensure the easy and smooth removal of stubborn blocks in drains and pipes. 

Grease interceptor cleaning

Commercial as well as domestic grease interceptors require frequent cleaning to avoid spillage, risk of overflowing, smells and blockages. Failure to clean grease interceptors can result in unwanted health hazards. Approved by the Public Works Authority, Qatar Engineering House is well versed in grease interceptor cleaning. We use futuristic apparatus and equipment for the deep cleaning of grease blocks and oil clogs. Smaller grease interceptors may require cleaning more often than larger interceptors that take longer time to fill. Through our expert services, we offer grease interceptor cleaning solutions for large and small buildings and homes. 

Sand trap cleaning

Most industries use water to wash dirt off equipment, machinery and vehicles. Small particles like sand or dust need to be cleaned from the sand traps to avoid the blockage of pores and outlets. Following the right protocols for the cleaning of sand traps is essential for safety purposes. Qatar Engineering House has all the protocols in place for the safe cleaning of sand traps. Local regulations require sand traps to be cleaned regularly for the health and safety of individuals. 

Septic tanks cleaning

Among our range of services, Qatar Engineering House offers septic tank cleaning to promote health and hygiene throughout the nation. Equipped with the most modern cleaning machines and armoured with revolutionary tools for cleaning, our experts have cleaned the toughest of tanks with ease. Our well-trained experts coupled with the best tools in the industry have made us one of the leading companies when it comes to effluent cleaning services in Qatar. 

Constructing, Installing & Fixing Sanitary Projects & Sewage Networks

Accredited by the Public Works Authority, Qatar Engineering House has developed a keen expertise in all kinds of sewage, drainage and other sanitary projects. This includes:

  • Connecting real estate properties to the main lines through government agencies, sewage towers
  • Manhole construction of all sizes and types
  • Sewage tank and manhole repair
  • Maintaining traffic regulations during constructions, repairs and cleaning as per the General Traffic Department
  • Re-paving streets after completion of projects as per Public Works Authority regulations

Fixing Sewage Pipes Of Processed Water From Irrigation

Appointed as a contractor with the Public Authority Works department since 2013, Qatar Engineering House has been performing urgent and emergency repairs with high-precision and quality. These projects often involve:

  • Getting the necessary approvals for the emergency works from the Public Works Authority, Traffic Road Opening and Municipalities Authority to start project implementation.
  • Replacing damaged parts of the lines and repairing with HDPE, GRP.
  • Manhole chamber constructed per the specifications of the Public Works Authority.
  • Replacing damaged valves with new installations.
  • Thermal insulation works to keep the installed equipment protected.
  • Returning the site as it was before. Including street work.