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Today, waste management has become a pressing issue the world over. The indiscriminate disposal of waste and the improper management of collected waste has become a hazardous environmental threat. Qatar, one of the most developed countries in the world is also home to a population of more than 2,989,640. It is also one of the highest per capita waste generators in the world, with a whopping figure of 1.8kg of waste per day.

The increase in waste produced in Qatar is a direct result of the increase in population and related construction activities. The FIFA World CUP 2022 scheduled to be held in November 2022 has added to the waste generation woes in the state. A research paper published in Research gate in 2015 stated that construction waste amounts to around 20 million tonnes per annum. This occupies around 75% of the total solid waste generated in Qatar.


Government Takes Measures for Waste Management

Owing to the large amounts of generated waste and its toxic effect on the environment and people, the Ministry of Environment has taken immediate and stringent steps to counter the hazardous effect of waste disposal. While educating the public on proper waste disposal, steps are being taken to recycle and reuse solid waste and promote and green waste collection.

The Waste Management Qatar onus lies with the Municipality. waste management companies Qatar along with the joint efforts of Municipality, service private sector collection of domestic waste by waste management companies in Qatar are striving to manage the sanitation and Domestic Waste Collection in the state. Qatar Waste Management Services Companies Qatar, pioneer Domestic Waste Collection & Garbage Disposal Hazardous Waste Removal Qatar, oil Waste Management execute dispose Waste Management process with ease , state of the art equipment & vehicles. We QEH Qatar at forefront of Domestic Waste Collection, Garbage Disposal & Sanitation in Qatar

How is Waste Managed?

 Waste Management Companies in Qatar offer Qatar residents waste collection & transport services to landfills Qatar predefined Waste Management Services methods .

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The landfills are demarcated according to domestic type waste & located points outside city. These Qatar waste management companies are equipped modern solid waste management tools that ensure clean and clear pickup and transportation of domestic and commercial waste.

Private waste management companies in Qatar like Qatar Engineering House have contributed to the efforts of the State to combat the hazardous consequences of improper waste collection, with safe transportation and effective disposal.

List Companies in Qatar for Waste Management Disposal Services

  1. Qatar Engineering House – Waste Removal & Management Company In Qatar
  2. Dulsco
  3. Z X Trading & Transport

These companies provide waste collection, disposal & recycling services of waste 

What is waste management law in Qatar?

In Qatar, waste management is governed by comprehensive legislation aimed at addressing the environmental challenges posed by increasing waste generation. The country has implemented stringent waste management laws overseen by the Ministry of Environment to regulate waste disposal, promote recycling and reuse practices, and mitigate the adverse effects of improper waste management on public health and the environment. These laws mandate proper waste segregation, collection, transportation, and disposal methods, with stringent penalties for violations. Additionally, Qatar has established partnerships with private sector waste management companies to ensure effective implementation of these regulations and achieve its environmental sustainability objectives.

Waste Management Services provided by QEH:
  • Waste removal and collection services for residential, commercial and industrial clients.
  • Transportation of waste to designated landfills or recycling facilities.
  • Provision of various types of waste bins and containers.
  • Hazardous waste management services.
  • Construction and demolition waste removal.
  • Street sweeping and cleaning services.

Commitment to Sustainability by QEH:

  • Qatar Engineering House is committed to implementing sustainable practices throughout its operations.
  • We actively invest in eco-friendly technologies and equipment to minimize our environmental impact.
  • We partner with recycling facilities to increase the amount of waste diverted from landfills.
  • We educate our employees and clients on the importance of waste reduction and responsible disposal.
  • We actively participate in community initiatives and environmental awareness campaigns.


Qatar is well on the way to an economically viable and sustainable solution for waste management in the state. The National Development Strategy 2011-2016 of Qatar laid emphasis on waste reduction and recycling among other sustainable development plans for the state.

The National Development Strategy 2017-2022 emphasized the need to constrain domestic waste generation to under 1.6 kg per capita/ per day. It was also proposed to recycle 15% of the solid waste generated by the end of 2022.

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Waste Management In Qatar