In the 21st century, the exchange of information at entry points of business is a key factor that all businesses must consider. Regardless of the industry and sector, your business operates in, there will always be a bulk of information exchange involved. Hence, it is beneficial to have a gatekeeper who can manage this process of information exchange between your company and clients. In this sense, a gatekeeper is not a literal gatekeeper but a team role involved in collecting and disseminating information. 


To do this, all you have to do is hire a receptionist for your business. Here are some of the top 5 reasons to hire a receptionist as a gatekeeper for your hospitality service or any other business for that matter.

  • Make a Good First Impression

A receptionist is a qualified professional who is well-groomed and serves as the face of your organization. Especially for a hospitality service in Qatar, it is necessary to have a receptionist that can personify your brand messaging. He/she acts on the basis of your company’s core values. Thereby leaving a lasting impression on your customers. This also helps encourage satisfied customers/guests to return to your establishment more often.

  • Promote Resourcefulness

A talented receptionist can often be quite resourceful. Such a professional is highly capable of multitasking. They can receive phone calls, resolve guest complaints, make reservations, generate travel itineraries for guests, and so much more. One unique benefit of hiring a receptionist is that they are go-getters and will not stop until the job is completed. If you wish for your hospitality service to be truly resourceful, then you should consider hiring a receptionist. 

  • Encourage Versatility

Most experienced receptionists are highly versatile. They are capable of adapting to a variety of situations and performing to the best of their abilities. Moreover, the receptionist knows everyone in the office. As a result, they are efficient office administrators that facilitate communication between departments. In some cases, a receptionist can also help resolve disputes between departments in your office. This only goes to show the versatile nature of the job, confirming your need for such personnel at your workplace.

  • Get Organized Easily

One of the most defining traits of a receptionist is their organizational skills. An office receptionist is not only responsible for greeting and orienting visitors and clients but also for managing the schedules of high-ranking employees. Moreover, you can use a receptionist to schedule team meetings. Apart from these, if you hire a receptionist at your office, you will notice a significant improvement in daily productivity solely due to their advanced organizational skills.

  • Improve Organizational Communication

As mentioned earlier, a receptionist can often facilitate or even mediate communication between different departments. As gatekeepers, receptionists know everyone in the office and take special care to send the right information to the right place, at the right time. This means there are fewer chances of interdepartmental miscommunication when you have an efficient receptionist. In fact, a receptionist often plays a pivotal role when new recruits are inducted into the organization.


Final Thoughts

While receptionists can be a valuable asset to your business, they are often difficult to find talented ones. Qatar Engineering House has a vast professional network of receptionists that you can tap into. Moreover, these candidates are specially trained for specific industries. Hence, you will have to choose the candidate who is best aligned with the industry your company operates in. Hence, when hiring a receptionist, Qatar Engineering House can be a viable option.