Waste Management
Waste Management in Qatar

Considering the creeping effects of global warming, it has now become the number one priority of companies to consider their efforts towards people, the planet, and profit. To do so, one of the most basic requirements is for companies to manage their waste production. In the realm of waste management, waste disposal and recycling take the front row.


Waste Management in Qatar

When it comes to waste management, the Government of Qatar has planned stern steps towards it. Given the current FIFA World Cup 2022 being hosted in Qatar, the country is set to witness one of its largest tourist footfalls yet. With tourists, there also comes increased production of waste. As of now, Qatar produces about 2.5 million tons of waste annually, which equals about 2.5 kg of waste per person per year. If this is not mitigated, then it can cause serious environmental concerns in Qatar.


Commercial Waste Disposal

In light of these circumstances, companies in Qatar have taken up the initiative of responsible waste disposal at their premises. Several companies are now deploying dumpster rental services, waste collection, waste transportation, waste processing, and waste disposal services in Qatar. If you wish for your business in Qatar to participate in this sustainability endeavour, you too should responsibly dispose of all commercial waste.


Disposing Waste Responsibly in Qatar

Qatar has three types of waste disposal landfills. These are – 

  • Bulky and Domestic Waste

The most efficient bulky and domestic waste disposal site in Qatar is the Umm Al-Afai. These are organic wastes generated either from households or food and beverage establishments in Qatar. They are easily biodegradable and do not cause much land pollution. Moreover, such bulky domestic waste usually does not need to be processed. Often simple composting can reduce such waste into an easily biodegradable format.

  • Construction and Demolition Waste

Rawda Rashed is the most appropriate disposal site for this type of waste. This type of waste is less biodegradable and sometimes needs to be processed in order to avoid excessive land pollution. One of the best ways to dispose of such debris and rubble is recycling. Most of this waste can be repurposed into concrete. Moreover, metallic waste from construction sites can also be melted and recycled into new products. Hence, there is a need for the segregation of this type of waste before dumping it at a landfill.

  • Sewage Waste

The best site for sewage waste disposal is Al-Krana in Qatar. Moreover, the collection and waste removal of sewage usually leave a large carbon footprint. Despite effective waste management, the only way to dispose of sewage waste is through treatment and processing. Since it takes up significant energy to do so, it is best if recycling is done and clean water is extracted from this sewage for use in commercial water pipelines. 


Waste Management – Recycling in Qatar

Besides waste removal and waste management, businesses in Qatar should also consider recycling as a viable option. This is because of the numerous business case benefits of recycling.


  • It saves money.
  • It helps the community.
  • It can be a source of revenue.
  • It protects the environment.
  • It increases employee and customer satisfaction.


Important Takeaway

Given all these options for waste removal, waste management, and recycling in Qatar, your business can truly be a sustainable one. To do this, you can hire professional waste management firms like Qatar Engineering House who will take care of your waste management problems for you. This means you can rest easy knowing that both your business and the environment are safe.