Cleaning Services

With increased international exposure, Qatar is set to become one of the top tourist destinations in the world in the coming years. This has led to both rejoicing and concern in the country’s hospitality sector. The question of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness while keeping costs low has often surfaced amidst some of the concerns. 

Today, outsourcing cleaning and hospitality services are the best options for hotels in Qatar to achieve the delicate balance between service and cost leadership. Here is a list of all the benefits if you are looking to follow this path for your hotel property. 

  • Higher Assurance of Quality at Minimum Investment

Companies offering cleaning services & hospitality services in Qatar that have decades of experience are good investments for hotels in Qatar. Such service providers can assure you of a higher quality of service than an in-house team. Hence, this helps reduce your investment as well.

  • Access to Specialised Staff in Qatar on Short Notice

Outsourcing hospitality services to companies like Qatar Engineering House means you gain access to highly trained staff. Moreover, you do not need to spend a lot of time in recruitment, selection, hiring, and onboarding.

  • Availability of More Advanced Technologies

Qatar’s top Cleaning & Hospitality Services outsourcing partners in Qatar. Hospitality services outsourcing you no longer need to invest in advanced equipment. You can easily deploy state-of-the-art housekeeping equipment without the hassles of ownership & access to innovative technologies..

  • Increasing Focus on Revenue Generation

Without the need for maintaining a specialised in-house housekeeping team, you can now focus on your revenue-generating operations. Since housekeeping is one of the lowest revenue contributors in a hotel, it makes sense to outsource this service and focus on accommodations and food and beverages instead.

  • Sharing Risk with External Stakeholders

Moreover, outsourcing cleaning and hospitality services like housekeeping can help you share the risk with your outsourcing partner. You are no longer the sole risk-bearer. This means the outsourcing partner will have similar motivation to perform at par with your hotel’s standards.

  • Higher Operational Efficiency

By outsourcing hospitality services, you can cut down on time spent in interdepartmental communication. This increases productivity in your core departments and increases your hotel’s operational efficiency. 

  • Reduced Administrative Activities in Housekeeping

With no in-house cleaning and housekeeping team to maintain, you can also reduce additional administrative activities. For example, you will no longer need to maintain duty rosters and paycheck records for these outsourced employees. 

  • Added Flexibility in Staff Wages

Moreover, you will not need to maintain fixed wages for outsourced cleaning staff. You can hire them on an hourly basis from contractors like Qatar Engineering House. There are a variety of plans for engaging such outsourced staff, which adds flexibility to your staff’s wages.

  • Stronger Competitive Advantage in Service Quality

By hiring an expert outsourcing partner like Qatar Engineering House, you stand to gain a significant competitive advantage as well. Qatar Engineering House promises one of the highest service qualities that can ensure your guests return to your hotel. 

  • Reduced Stress on Managers

Finally, with reduced supervision and micro-management needs, your departmental managers will be less stressed. With better peace of mind, they will be more productive and engaged as well.

Final Thoughts

Qatar Engineering House can offer you all of these benefits. Moreover, you can rely on Qatar Engineering House to make your guests their own. This means you can rest assured that when outsourcing your housekeeping services to Qatar Engineering House, the guest satisfaction of your hotel will be in good hands.

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